Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips In Stafford, TX

If you have noticed that your Air conditioning is running nonstop? It’s hot outside, and it’s not uncommon for your home’s air conditioning system to be running continuously a lot in order to keep your home in a cooling environment for everyone. However, A healthy unit should turn off after the temperature adjusts to your desired setting as it is a common function in an AC Unit. If it is constantly running then the Air Conditioning Unit is trying hard to keep the room cool, your Air Conditioner may be experiencing some sort of problem which needs to be inspected. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons why any Air Conditioner might be working hard & continues to keep the room cool. Call Hilton Americas In Houston

Check Evaporator Coil

It is a good idea to start to check if one has a Dirty Evaporator Coil. As if you skipped to have your Air Conditioner unit serviced earlier in the year as service is an important task for a unit to function smoothly.

There could be a possibility that AC Unit’s most important mechanical parts may be coated in dirt where it could be causing a problem for hot air to escape & grime, and debris. If your evaporator coil is covered in dirt and debris, it forces your unit to work harder to cool your home causing it to run more often.

Frozen Evaporator Coil Also Could Cause Problems

Sometimes if you set the temperature too low in your home, it will cause components of your AC system to freeze up. this could happen together with your evaporator coil that may be a very important part of your system. If your system is continually running whereas additionally processing heat air, this might be the explanation why. If you think your system could have frozen up, It is a good idea to call an expert Air Conditioning Professional contractor immediately to stop any damage to the unit which could become an expensive task if not sorted during an early stage.

Check If Air Filter Is Clogged

If you let your air filter go unchanged, it will soon become clogged and will block your system down. A clogged air filter restricts the flow of cool fresh air from circulating in your home. Subsequently, if it isn’t changed, your system will run nonstop causing unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Contact market square park in Houston

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