High Quality Pool Maintenance Services in Irvine, CA

Pool Cleaning Irvine - The Standard Pool

A swimming pool is a popular place for the family during many seasons of the year. There are many activities like exercising, pool parties, and even just relaxing in the water. Your pool must be properly maintained to prevent it from becoming dirty, hazardous, and unusable. Save time by hiring commercial pool maintenance in Irvine CA. There are simple tips to keep your pool safe, clean, and beautiful for your family to enjoy.

• Proper water sanitization is important when you own a pool. Purchase chlorine in tablet or stick form to make sure that your water is sanitized to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Do not try to sanitize your pool by adding more. You cant add more water to balance it out.

• Preventing algae from taking over your pool can be simply handled by adding a liquid algaecide once a week. Algae is extremely difficult to remove once it has covered your pool. Follow directions to make sure that you are not adding too many chemicals to the water. Place the algaecide in the water by the skimmer. This will enable the pool pump to evenly distribute the chemicals throughout the water. Professional pool cleaning in Irvine CA is a simple way to get it right the first time.

• The pool pump is the heart of the pool. This is where the filtering and circulating happens. It is important that you make sure your pool pump is working properly. Changing it every couple of years depending on how many chemicals you use. Having a properly working pool pump will save you on your energy costs as well.

• Inspecting your pool is a huge part of pool maintenance. You can put on goggles and swim around to see clearly under the water. Inspecting your pool could save you money in repairs by catching any issues early. Do not wait until a minor issue becomes a serious problem. If you do not have time for this, then hire a professional pool service in Irvine CA.

• Covering a pool with a tarp after every use to prevent any dirt, debris, and harmful elements is a cost-effective maintenance plan in itself. You can save a lot of time using the skimmer to clean the debris out of the pool. You will not have to use as many chemicals to treat the water which will save you money as well. A tarp is the best defense for preserving your pool. That does not mean that a pool covering will not work efficiently. It is just going to cost you more and fit better.

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