My Experience Moving to San Diego

I think I am going to be blogging our move to San Diego cuz I thought it would help other who are thinking about moving to San Diego. So today I am going to be blogging our experience to San Diego. Today is the 17th of February 2016 and it is Friday so we are moving exactly one weekend from today. I have a lot to do and everything is in disarray. So im going to new town but that half an hour away from us and going to get some things that I need to get. Like more boxes cuz I can’t seem to find any anywhere and I’ll just run out. I’m literally at a standstill until I find more so I’m going to be doing that today and I’m probably going to get a coffee and read a little bit of my book. Just sit around town and just get some other things done and out of the way. Mostly i’ll be on my facebook san diego moving page.

Ok so i’m came back to update everyone on my progress. Of course I completely forget to blog when I was in the store because I went to Target and a lot of other stores. I even went to Walmart and forgot to tell you guys about it.  I don’t know why coffe is so expensive out here but come to find a freaking latte is $10. Welcome to San Diego I guess. With all this money I spent at the stores and coffee i’m glad I had a san diego mover who could save me some money. Here is their info good guys 1041 Market Street #358 San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone 619-313-9067.

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