Ruin Your Getaway With A Katy AC Repair

air conditioning repairOh wow you would not believe the torture I had to go threw before heading off to my get away. Little did I know I would need a ac repair katy tx before leaving. After a long week at work I was ready to relax at a near by beach inside a hotel. I had my bags packed and my ice chest filled with ice cold beer. I was only going to be gone Friday and Saturday and return on Sunday. My parents were going to visit me and see their grand kids. All my vacation plans failed when my air conditioner suddenly broke down. My ac wasn’t blowing much air upstairs, and the gusts or burst of air was very low. I had a sketchy company come out because I thought I needed freon and they quoted me a low price. For the repair it ran be $420 bucks. So long to my little getaway. The very next day I thought It was fixed but the same issue started happening! So ripped those shady guys a new one but still they wouldn’t refund me my money. Another Ac guy wanted to sell me the same freon service. The third guy was actually doing his job and instead of a quick fix he decided to inspect the ac system and found a problem within the furnace. He cost to fix the air conditioner was actually way less too. So I finally found a reliable and trust worthy air conditioning katy tx company.

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